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We are a NYC'S based luxury wedding planning company with its roots in Italy, the most romantic and sophisticated Country in the whole world. There, we personally work along with our highly professional teams, all leaders in the wedding industry for decades. We strongly believe in Equality and our specialty is organizing LGTBQ, same-sex marriages.


For further detail please contact us at info@samelovebetterwedding or call us at +1- 917-647-6989

Why this name?

The name of the company is actually a little smart (ass) teaser.

Love is Love and every single love story has the right to be heard, written and celebrated.We should all have the equal right to express our love without being judged and freely hold our partner's hand down the aisle to be declared Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife, Husband and Husband. People, like weddings shouldn't be labeled. A person is a person as a wedding, straight or gay, is always a wedding. However, for the gay community, it hasn't been always like that. Many generations before us struggled for years and never had the "privileged" to legally celebrate their unions. For all those people that couldn't even dream about it, our Company is now committed to deliver to the LGTBQ Community a " better wedding". A bitterless and actually pretty sweet little "retaliation".

SLBW plans and organizes luxury destination marriages specializing in LGTBQ weddings.We provide the most comfortable and enjoyable environment for all the couples that are ready to tie the knot without having to explain to their baker why their cake topper will be a glittery unicorn...


We are pleased to announce our American and Italian partners, the respected, well-known luxury wedding planners Peccati di Gola and Bibendum, who will work side-by-side with us to create an exceptional experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Together with our partners, our experience, and our personal touch, we will ensure a seamless, sophisticated, and glamorous event.  And let’s not forget our hometown, New York City! We are partnered with the most exclusive venues and vendors to bring your fantasy NYC wedding to life. Whether you prefer a rooftop, boho-chic wedding downtown, a nautical-themed Hamptons beach wedding, or an autumn wedding with the changing leaves of Central Park as your background, we can make it happen.  Let the magical journey begin and remember that this is your special day. HAVE FUN and leave the planning to us! Remember, life must be danced! 

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Nice to meet you.
We are Gioia e Pablo e we are the founders of
Same Love, Better Wedding

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