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Initial Consultation

Same Love, Better Wedding offers each client a complimentary consultation in order to determine which planning services will best suit the needs of the couple according to their budget and vision.
Contact us to discuss and create customized services to address your specific needs and fulfill your dreams. We will walk you through every step of the wedding planning process, providing the assistance you need to transform your vision of your wedding into a reality. Let us work with you every step of the way to achieve your dream wedding and the celebration of a lifetime.

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Transportation and Accommodations

We can find the best hotels for you, your family, and your friends, and arrange transportation to and from the airport for weddings in both NYC and Italy.

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Venues: Italy or Manhattan?

Let's discuss our different options and find the best venue for you. Would you like to tie the knot in the vibrant city that never sleeps, New York City, or in a romantic hideaway in Italy?

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From the finest catering company to the hottest band or coolest DJ, we can help you work with your favorite vendors or suggest some of our own. We only work with utmost professionals that have been in the wedding industry for decades and know how to make your dreams come true.

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Gift Bags and Memorabilia for Your Guests

We can customize luxury gift bags that reflect the splendor of NYC and Italy for your guests to bring back home as an unforgettable memory of your big day.

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Italian Private Tours

We have endless suggestions to help you and your guests fall in love with our home country, Italy. We can plan customized private tours so that you can fully experience the culture, art, history, cuisine, and wine of the location of your destination wedding, whether it is in Naples or Milan. A taste of Italy is priceless and we can offer you the best hands-on expertise.

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NYC Private Tours

Let us recommended the most highly coveted private tours and activities for you and your distinguished guests in NYC. The Big Apple awaits and we can give you and your guests an experience to remember!

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Whether you opt to get married in Manhattan, The Hamptons, or in Italy, we can help you organize your honeymoon according to your wishes and budget. Endless opportunities abound and we can make your dreams come to life, and create the honeymoon you have always wished for.

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