Why – Same Love, Better Wedding


Same Love, Better Wedding.

Why this name?

The name of the company is actually a little smart (ass) teaser.

Love is Love and every single love story has the right to be heard, written and celebrated.We should all have the equal right to express our love without being judged and freely hold our partner's hand down the aisle to be declared Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife, Husband and Husband. People, like weddings shouldn't be labeled. A person is a person as a wedding, straight or gay, is always a wedding. However, for the gay community, it hasn't been always like that. Many generations before us struggled for years and never had the "privileged" to legally celebrate their unions. For all those people that couldn't even dream about it, our Company is now committed to deliver to the LGTBQ Community a " better wedding". A bitterless and actually pretty sweet little "retaliation".

SLBW plans and organizes luxury destination marriages specializing in LGTBQ weddings.We provide the most comfortable and enjoyable environment for all the couples that are ready to tie the knot without having to explain to their baker why their cake topper will be a glittery unicorn...

Unfortunately it took a good while for the LGTB Community to benefit of a right that everyone else always had. It took so many years, tears, blood, strength and hope. A long painful path that leaded our Community to an end only on June 26th 2015. That day, the Supreme Court gave the gay community Equality. Equal rights and along with it, it finally showed Respect to all the gay couple inside the 50 States. Saying that, I strongly believe that same-sex wedding should be celebrated even "more", and " better". We need to celebrate also for all the people that didn't have the " luxury" of being legally recognized as a Family, with all the benefits and rights of all " the other" families.

We have to do it for all the people that couldn't be heard nor celebrated.

America has always symbolized equality of opportunity for people of all races, origins, religions and creeds, serving as a beacon of hope for anyone seeking a better life and lifestyle. However, despite its founding principles of equality and acceptance, the United States also has a long history of denying basic rights to certain people. Discrimination happens everyday – no matter what form it takes, whom it targets, or where it occurs – yet discrimination persists in a variety of ways.

Today, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are denied many of the basic rights that most Americans enjoy. Certainly, the movement for full equality has come astonishingly far in a short period of time – from the first-ever LGBT- inclusive hate crimes law Congress passed in 2009, to executive orders prohibiting discrimination by federal contractors in 2014, to nationwide marriage equality in 2015. Unfortunately many barriers remain, and LGBT Americans still face discrimination in many facets of their lives.

From the baker that refused to bake for a gay couple's wedding to the massacre at Pulse, the gay club in Orlando that was hosting a "Latin Night" and thus most of the victims were Latinos, not to mention our President Trump, that decided to ban transgenders from serving in the military, or forced them to use " appropriate bathrooms" rescinding protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity...This is still our reality; a lot of grey dust on our rainbow flag.

My commitment is to blow away at least part of this toxic dust with all my force and passion and, as a wedding planner who's also part of this amazing LGTBQ Community, provide you with the most professionale and yet relaxed atmosphere possible to make your dreams come true. and don't forget to have fun during this exciting time, I will gladly handle your stress!

Pablo Ardizzone

The same day that I decided to turn my passion for LGBTQ wedding planning into a business, I contacted my dear friend in Italy, Pablo Ardizzone. Who better than Pablo to make this dream a reality?

Pablo Ardizzone is the most famous makeup artist in Italy. He started his career in the early 1990s under the guidance of Maestro Mario Andello. Thanks to this fortunate partnership, he started to develop his own style that embraced theatrical makeup of fashion shoots, television, sports, music, and of course weddings, like the wedding makeup he styled for Princess Charlène Lynette Wittstock for her marriage to Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Pablo is based in Milan but travels the globe. In 2006, he started a collaboration with INCA Cosmetic Group, for whom he creates and develops amazing cosmetic collections. Pablo is loved around the world for his creativity, professionalism, elegance, and, of course, his charming personality.

The Same Love, Better Wedding team has come together to make your dreams come true. We will go above and beyond your expectations to create your fairytale wedding, no matter how grand or intimate. Let's work together and get married in style!